Free Plugins

Free Jquery Plugins for Developers


Tikslus Notyrious

Jquery notification plugin

  • 7 themes/skins to choose from.
  • Dispatch multiple messages at once.
  • Use customized buttons with function callbacks.
  • Use images in messages.
  • Show progress bar for non sticky messages.
  • Position messages at: left,right or center.
  • MIT license

Tikslus Carousel

  • Fully Responsive
  • Can be used without providing width and height of the images
  • Support custom animation Via CSS3 classes
  • Can be used with Jquery Mobile plugin
  • New in version 2.0
    • Pause/resume support
    • Switch to full screen view
    • Introducing Navigation Icons
    • Thumbnails based navigation
    • New Zoom-in Zoom-out Effect
    • View current playing slide number
  • MIT license

Tikslus Lens

  • Can be Easily Customised
  • Customize Lens Size,Color,Opacity
  • MIT license

Tikslus Zoom

  • Can be Easily Customised
  • Customize Lens Size,Color,Opacity
  • You can tweak little css and make lens round/circular
  • Create Hot spots/Annotations
  • View Image in LightBox
  • MIT license

Tikslus 360

  • Simple and elagant 360 image view
  • Javascript CANVAS based
  • Move cursor horizontally in both directions to rotate viwe
  • Click & Drag to Zoom Image
  • Auto rotate image
  • MIT license

Tikslus Dialog

Tiklsus dialog is a jquery plugin which can show any HTML content(plain text,tables,videos,pictures) inside a popup box. It also support alert,confirmation and prompt dialog creation. you can animate tikslus dialog with different transition effects. you can also create dialogs with custom buttons.


Tikslus Box

This is a jQuery-powered modal windowing system

It can be used to show content inside a nice floating popup frame above the rest of the page.

Here are some key features of Tikslusbox:

  • 8 skins
  • 3 transition effects
  • Smooth animations
  • Page dimming overlay
    Support for:


  • Images
  • Image galleries
  • SWF files
  • YouTube videos
  • MySpace videos
  • Vimeo videos
  • Metacafe videos
  • WMV movie
  • Quicktime movies
  • Inline HTML content